Oh no!! I got scammed on TF2!

What! You did!? Then go report them at http://www.steamrep.com and check next time!


About bleaching shirts

Have you seen what people like to do yet? No? Bleaching shirts!

Basically you take a design and put it on a shirt. Here is some thing I picked up.

*Print stencils

*Trace onto the paper side of freezer paper (it will be next to plastic wrap and tin foil at walmart)

*Cut out with Xacto knife

*Iron onto a shirt (if its new be sure to wash it first) with the plastic side down on the shirt.

*Get some bleach in a squirtbottle mixed with water about 50/50 ( you don’t need much at all. not even a cup for 3 or 4 shirts.

*Spray onto shirt (be sure to cover up the rest so you don’t get drift from the spray)

*Dab the stencil with paper towel to soak up excess otherwise it will bleed through

*Wait a few seconds to see what colors your getting and continue spraying, or soak in a bucket of water when you want it to stop.

A friend  had a good result with a generic no name shirt that he picked up at a discounter.

Basically, you cut a stencil out of wax paper, iron it onto the shirt, and spray the shirt with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water.

When the shirt is bleached to your desire, you throw into a bucket of water to wash the bleach out – and voilá.

Confused about stencils?

Print the stencil out with your trusty inkjet or whatever, than put the freezer paper on top of and trace it with a pencil. You can then cut the freezer paper using an x-acto knife or a scalpel.

One last thing

Most of it depends on the stencil and how you want your shirt to look. Usually, you cut the stencil in a way that the black parts fall out.

When bleaching shirts, you can also decide to cut the stencil that only the black parts remain.

Credit goes to Powerspank

Me talking to a Pokemon friend

Me: They need to come up with a better gameplay design, different pokemon so it’s not so repetitive, different storyline, etc.

Friend: The story needs to change for sure, especially since they keep throwing “teams” at us. Let’s face it, team rocket is the only one that was actually evil. They abused pokemon for profit, the others were “misunderstood” in some way or another and are just not that interesting.

The Pokemon have to be memorable if adding new pokemon is going to make the game fresh. Magikarp/Gyarados is memorable, klink is not.

My biggest problem with the current mechanics is how easy the game is without added challenges. To start they should get rid of the option to switch out pokemon when you’re opponents faints (like in the stadium games) This way you have to take a hit if you want to make the switch. Better AI/AI options needs to happen. They need to improve the AI to the point where you potentially need to employ competitive strategies to win. For this to work though, we’d need the option of changing the AI difficulty so that we don’t scare off newcomers, as well as provide some challenge to series veterans.

Me: I completely agree. Klink is just another magnetic trio. Remind you of anyone? No one likes a repeat, especially in every single new game!

The games aren’t even new. They change the name of the place, make up a few new names, change the skin of a few pokemon, and sell a game. They should make a game where you have multiple regions to visit, making the game more entertaining and interesting.

And with the whole mechanics and all, you walk and either you find a pokemon in grass, or a random person with level 5 pokemon approaches you, “Let’s Battle!” Wow, I need to fight another pokemon. Exciting.

Better bosses? Object of the game is to 1. Fight a new team of evil 2. Collect all the pokemon 3. Fight gym battles 4. Fight the 4.

We should write our own game 🙂

Him: If only nintendo gave a crap as to let the community help create the new game. Think about it, we could improve the mechanics… get fakemon creators to tell gamefreak their ideas are crap it could potentially be the best game yet 😀


So people still do care about the new gen of Pokemon! If you agree send a message to Gamefreak!


The site that this took place on Reddit

I have a theory

I have noticed something lately. All of the new Google products are a food/candy/edible item name. Such as Jelly Bean, Graham Cracker, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. I brought this up with some people and the ideas are

1.They get really hungry while designing the new product

2.They have something set out on the table to eat, and they name it after that

3.They have no creativity and made a random food name generator.


Just kidding about number 3,they are very smart! Just saying, maybe they could come up with some more original content? But naming after foods is fine by me! Jelly Beans!!

Been dying to get your hands on an old Pokemon game for the GameBoy?

Try out the VGA! What is the VGA you ask? The VGA is a Virtual Boy Advance- a sort of knock-off from the Gameboy Advance, but on this one, it has more features, and it’s on your computer!

Now, with this there are a few problems. First and foremost, you must find the game itself! That’s why I included a download from my Mediafire account so you don’t have to find it. The game is just Pokemon Ruby. Second, if you start up the game, it’ll be blank. There’s an easy way to load a game! You should see something like this, minus the Pokemon Ruby1.sgm.

You should see the .zip and the VBA

You should see the .zip and the VBA

You see it right? Good.

Drag the .zip onto the vba

Drag the .zip onto the VBA

That was easy! Your game should automatically start. If your on Windows 7 it will change into the basic scheme (unless you are already using it). The third problem I already included in the download. When you download this program from the site, it doesn’t give you vba-over.ini. If you don’t have that config file, you wouldn’t be able to play the game! That’s why I included it in the download.

Download to VBA and Pokemon Ruby. Click on each file in order to download it. Mediafire is full of ads, so I switched to this.

Click Here